Spring cleanup

At PK Landscape and Snow Removal, we provide spring cleanup services for both residential and commercial properties. A yard cleanup will consist of removing all branches, leaves, and other debris that has accumulated on your property. The goal is to revitalize your lawn to create a healthier, cleaner landscape, and some of our most popular services include:

  • Cleaning up around hardscape surfaces, including your driveway
  • Lawn areas for seeding
  • Laying down fertilizer
  • Pulling early weeds
  • Pruning damaged and dead branches
  • Removing yard waste
  • Tidying around plants, flower beds, and borders

Let us give your property the makeover it deserves. By removing unwanted materials that have accumulated during the winter months, we will provide your winter-weathered property a fresh look.

We will meticulously comb your property in order to prepare for the upcoming landscape season, and you will be proud to show off your well-manicured lawn. Call us at PK Landscape and Snow Removal today to learn more about our spring cleanup service package.

Spring Clean Up
Spring Clean Up